Methyl alcohol; CH3OH, is a liquid organic compound that is clear, free of any impurities in the suspension and able to mix with water everywhere. Methanol with Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Number 67-56-1 and United Nations Number UN1230; Methyl alcohol, carbinol, wood spirit, wood alcohol, methylol, proxylic alcohol, methyl hydroxide, monohydroxymethane. The chemical formula is CH3
OH and the molecular weight is 32.04 g / mol. In the molecule, the carbon (C) percentage by weight is 37.49%, the hydrogen (H) percentage is 12.58%, the oxygen (O) percentage is 49.94%. Methanol is heavier than steam. Methanol, an easily ignitable toxic chemical; Water, ethyl alcohol, ether, benzene, ketones, and organic solvents. The amount of explosion is 6 - 36.5% in volume of air. Boiling point 64.7˚C, melting point -97˚C flash point 11˚C dir. When the ambient temperature is 455 ° C, it can self-ignite without any external influence. The flame is almost colorless and when it burns completely, carbon dioxide and water are formed. CH3OH + 3 / 2O2
→ CO2 + 2 H2OMETHANOL is an azeotropic mixture with ethyl alcohol. In the azeotropic mixture, it is not possible to completely separate the ethanol from the alcohol by alcohol, by means of distillation rectification techniques.

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