Jet A 1

Jet A 1

Jet A1 is the name of a fuel type of which main ingredient is kerosene and that is used for passenger and cargo planes with jet engines in today’s world.

The main ingredient kerosene is actually a hydrocarbon liquid that is flammable.

Kerosene is gas oil that is defined as paraffin oil.

It is obtained by very fine distillation of crude oil at temperatures between 150°C and 270°C. It is commonly used for heating and lighting purposes.

It requires more with respect to gasoline in order to burn, but it provides more heat than gasoline. Its ignition point is 38°C. At lower temperatures, no ignition occurs with flame contact.

However, vapor of kerosene can easily shoot up and cause fire beyond any expectation.

Freezing point of kerosene is around -47°C.

Because of these properties, or in other words, because it does not freeze easily at low temperatures and it lowers the risk of fire and explosion in case of an accident, it is preferred as aircraft fuel.

There are JetA and JetB types of aircraft fuels besides Jet A1.

The main difference between Jet A1 and JetA is their ignition and freezing points.

JetA ignites at 51°C and freezes at -40°C

On the other hand, JetB type naphtha-kerosene fuel of which freezing point may be as low as -60°C is used rarely in commercial airline industry.

Because of its high volatility and because it catches fire easily, transportation of Jet A1 is extremely crucial. Therefore, it is preferred to transport it with tanker vehicles in a very careful way.

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