About Us


Bernas Industrial is a growth-oriented company that make various business without sacrificing quality in various countries including UAE, Germany, Kazakhstan, People’s Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Poland, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Italy, Middle East countries and African countries in accordance with its special export approach, its own commercial activities, its modern target marketing strategies and its products.
The products we import and export are listed below;

• We sell high quality and affordable products like bitumen, naphtha, crude oil, gasoil, paraffin, high octane gasoline and Jet A1 fuelvarieties directly from our high volume warehouses to our customers and all the products are obtained from the Middle East refineries that we are representative of.

• Polyethylene and varieties of polyamide petrochemical raw materials.

Our products can be found in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Germany and Middle East countries in the world market.

Moreover, we are investing on terminal and petroleum refinery in Middle East. For this purpose, we have been opening representative agencies in Asia and Europe.

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